How to verify Google Search Console domain with Vercel

November 26, 2021


Google Search Console (GSC) is a powerful SEO tool for optimizing search analytics and seeing which queries bring the user to your site. To start using GSC, you must verify that you own the domain you want to optimize or inspect the analytics.


To verify the domain, you need to own one first. You cannot use a subdomain provided to you by the Vercel or any other subdomain. Now we can go to Google Search Console and add your domain into the left card input, then you can click on the "CONTINUE" button, which opens modal/dialog window with the TXT record for our DNS configuration.

Now you can open a "Domains" tab in the Vercel dashboard and select "View DNS Records & More" from the menu.

In the "DNS Record" section, you will see a form with the NAME, TYPE, VALUE, TTL, and PRIORITY inputs. We need to fill only NAME, VALUE and choose TYPE with TXT value. After clicking the Add button, it should take a few seconds/minutes to apply the DNS changes. We can go back to GSC and click on the "VERIFY" button inside the modal/dialog window. If you weren't successful, try again in a few minutes. After successful verification, you will be redirected to the GSC main dashboard!


Verifying the GSC domain on vercel is really easy because of the great work of the Vercel team!

Were you successful? Let me know if you encounter any problems!

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