Why I Joined the Blogging for Devs Course

March 7, 2021

Why did I sign up

I have seen plenty of recommendations for the "Blogging for Devs" course by @monicalent. Still, the primary reason why I joined is that I wanted to share my knowledge. I think that sharing knowledge is an important part not only for communities but also for personal growth; and why is that? It is because when you want to explain something to others, you need to dig deeper. A lot deeper. To understand some topics, you need to understand the nuances and edge-cases.

I always struggled with the "I do not have enough followers to generate enough traction or interest" mindset. Still, Monica is presenting a way how to start blogging without an existing audience.

What's my motivation for blogging

As I mentioned in the previous section, I want to share knowledge and my perspective on some topics (closely connected to web development, but probably also about my daily life). I wanted to have a blog for a longer time, but it always failed:

  1. on my mindset - I do not have a big-enough audience to share it
  2. on my perfectionism - I haven't found a theme that would match my expectations and that it would be flexible enough to edit it to my taste. I have tried to start with minimal-blog (I struggled a bit with customization) and then with novela (I wanted something more simple and performant - maybe their memoir theme would be better, but in time of writing this post, it is not yet released).

Of course, I tried to create a custom blogging theme on my own, but I always failed - I wanted to make it perfect, but after some time, I lost my dedication to work on this. I want to release a post about my tech stack for blogging, so follow me on Twitter @TheLukasPolak if you want to know more.

What do I want to learn with this course

Everything and fast! But now, seriously. What do I want to learn from Monica? How to start with blogging without an audience and how to build an audience. So far, it is pretty good. I have been confused at the beginning with the "Syndication," i.e., canonical URLs, but now it makes sense to me. I'm looking forward to the next emails.

What next?

I will release a "review" on Monica's course in the upcoming weeks, so do not forget to follow me if you want to know more! But I can tell you, it is worth it! Even if it would be paid! Monica is a great instructor/host. I like her style of writing, and I admire her sharing and reports.

Till next time!

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