Data Structures and Algorithms in TypeScript - What to Expect

August 14, 2022


Hey Everyone, I would like to introduce the new article series - 'Data Structures and Algorithms in TypeScript'.

Suppose you are new to Data Structures and Algorithms or want to refresh your knowledge. In that case, this series is an excellent opportunity to introduce the concept of Data Structures and Algorithms.

We will cover Queues, Stacks, Linked Lists, Graphs, Breadth First Search, Depth First Search, Trees, and Binary Trees during the series. Also, we will cover Bubble, Insertion, Merge, and Quick sorts.

The goal of this series is not how to write these data structures or algorithms from scratch. Rather than teaching you how to think differently, it is about thinking about data structures, breaking problems down into small steps, and thinking divergently, so you will be able to come out with different solutions to the same problem and understand the tradeoffs for every solution.

Learning these skills could help you in many different ways - not only during the interviews, but it will also help you in your day-to-day job - it will give you skills so that you can pick the right tools for your job and be more confident about your decisions.


  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Basic knowledge of testing

Why TypeScript

If you are unfamiliar with TypeScript, you might feel overwhelmed, but learning TypeScript will guide you to write better and more quality code. I chose TypeScript as I wanted to ensure the content I would produce would be as bulletproof as possible, and I wanted to test my skills with TypeScript as I expect some challenges in the process of writing this series.

Why Test Driven Development

I want to teach you how to think differently and how to break problems into smaller pieces rather than write solutions straight away. TDD seems to me like an excellent process to achieve these goals.


Are you in? If so, check the first article about queues!

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